United Airlines Aviate Program at UND

United Airlines Aviate Program at UND: Securing Your Path to the Flight Deck

In a groundbreaking partnership, UND Aerospace Mesa has joined forces with United Airlines to offer current and former students and certified flight instructors a secure path to the flight deck through the United Aviate pilot career development program.

This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone for all aspiring aviators coming through our Arizona flight school, providing them an unparalleled opportunity to get their careers off the ground.

Becoming an Aviate Flight School Partner

As an Aviate flight school partner, UND Aerospace has solidified its reputation as one of the best flight training schools in the USA. This partnership grants our eligible students and instructors the chance to apply to the prestigious Aviate program, where they will receive a conditional job offer as a United First Officer upon acceptance.

“This United Aviate program is a perfect example of why students come to learn to fly with us here in Mesa,” said Chuck Pineo, our CEO at UND Aerospace Foundation. “Their dream is not only to become a pilot but ultimately to fly commercial jets all over the world for a world-class airline like United Airlines. We are proud to have a partnership that makes that opportunity and career roadmap clear.”

Eligibility and the Path Forward

To be eligible for the Aviate program, students must first earn their Private Pilot License (PPL) at our top-rated Mesa flight school. After obtaining a PPL, you will continue your journey to become a commercial pilot, build your flight time, and continue on to pursue  an opportunity to fly for United Express or one of their Part 135 partner operators. Other benefits of being part of the United Aviate program include access to pilot coaches and mentors and travel benefits to United’s expansive international network.

“We’re excited to welcome UND Aerospace – Mesa to the United Aviate program, benefiting current and future students in their journeys to becoming professional pilots,” said Mike Bonner, Managing Director of Aviate and Pilot Strategy at United. “UND Aerospace – Mesa’s reputation for high-quality training and education aligns with our pilot recruitment strategy.”

The Mecca of Aerospace

Situated in the heart of the Mecca of aerospace that is Arizona, UND Aerospace has been a beacon of excellence in flight training for over two decades. With our state-of-the-art facilities, modern fleet of aircraft, and highly qualified instructors, we have consistently provided industry-leading commercial pilot training in Mesa and produced world-class pilots who are highly sought after by leading airlines and aviation companies across the globe.

Now, with the addition of the United Aviate partnership, we have solidified our position as one of the best flight schools in Arizona and beyond. Aspiring pilots can take advantage of this secure path to the flight deck, ensuring their dreams of flying for a premier airline like United become a reality.

Start Your Journey at the Best Flight School in Arizona

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