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Collegiate Pilot Program: A Unique Flight Training Path For Young Aspiring Pilots

Are you ready to take your passion for aviation to new heights? Imagine earning a college degree while obtaining your pilot licenses, all in just two years.

At the UND Aerospace Foundation, in conjunction with the Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) Aviation Program, we offer a unique collegiate flight training program that allows you to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Airway Science Technology and become a certified flight instructor.

It’s perfect for beginning students who may struggle to keep up with the rigorous and fast-paced nature of our accelerated pilot program. Our accelerated program is more suited for non-traditional  students or individuals looking to change careers and move into aviation without needing an aviation-specific college degree.

The Power of Collaboration: CGCC and UND Aerospace

In our 28+ year partnership with Chandler-Gilbert Community College, we have crafted an exceptional program that combines CGCC’s dynamic learning community with UND’s state-of-the-art facilities and excellence in flight training.

This collaboration creates an unparalleled academic environment, allowing you to earn a 2-year aviation degree and become a professional pilot (flight instructor certification) concurrently.

Here are reasons why you should consider enrolling in our collegiate pilot training program:

A Comprehensive and Well-Rounded Curriculum

The collegiate flight training program is designed with the needs of young student pilots in mind, offering a more structured and slow-paced learning environment. Our curriculum is designed in partnership with industry leaders, including the FAA, multiple industry-leading airlines, and world-class airline pilots, to provide comprehensive and well-rounded education.

Through ground school classes and hands-on flight training, this path helps instill the skills and experience required to become a confident and competent pilot.

Access to State-of-the-art Facilities

As an FAA-approved flight school and a world-renowned center for collegiate flight training and aerospace education, our student pilots have access to state-of-the-art aviation facilities. This includes a fleet of modern aircraft equipped with the latest technology and simulators that closely mimic real-life flight situations.

Our partnership with the Chandler-Gilbert Community College also means you’ll get to study additional subjects to complement your aviation coursework, ensuring you have a strong foundation for success in aviation.

Affordability and Availability of Financial Support

At the UND Phoenix Flight Training Center, we understand that finances can be a concern when looking to become a pilot. As a non-profit organization, we strive to make aviation education accessible to all aspiring pilots by making all our flight training programs cost-effective.

And thanks to our partnership with the CGCC, those enrolling in the collegiate program can also take advantage of student loans, scholarships, grants, and financial assistance from the Federal Student Aid to assist with financing their flight training.

Developing Skills for Life and Aviation

But it doesn’t stop there. This program is not just about obtaining a degree and a pilot license; it’s about developing the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in the aviation industry.

As you progress through the six-semester program (which culminates in a flight instructor certificate), you’ll not only gain the knowledge and expertise required to excel as a pilot but also learn invaluable life skills. This entails developing environmental tolerance, positive behavioral skills, effective communication, and more.

This holistic approach helps prepare our youthful students for the challenges and responsibilities that come with being a professional pilot.

Seamless Transition to the Workforce

Upon completing the program, you’ll be equipped with an Associate’s Degree in Airway Science Technology and a certified flight instructor (CFI) certificate, meaning you can apply for a job as a flight instructor, corporate pilot, or commercial pilot right away.

This makes it possible to start earning and gain valuable experience and additional exposure immediately after graduating.

Plus, the UND Aerospace Foundation also offers limited employment opportunities to some of our outstanding graduates, allowing them to transition into the workforce seamlessly.

Flexibility Path for Further Education

If you’re driven to further your flight training and aviation education, you are in luck. This flight training path allows you to continue your studies for another two years and earn a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Studies.

This is possible in person at our parent university – the University of North Dakota (UND), Grand Forks, or online. The latter is more flexible as it allows you to work while pursuing your bachelor’s degree.

Enroll for Our Collegiate Pilot Program Today!

Are you ready to obtain your college degree and pilot license at the same time? Our collegiate pilot training program is the perfect fit for you!

Enrolling in the CGCC collegiate program means being part of a supportive and tight-knit community that cares about your success. Our flight instructors are experienced professionals who are passionate about nurturing students to become the next generation of world-class pilots.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, modern aircraft fleet, and strict adherence to FAA regulations provide a safe and up-to-date learning environment.

Take the first step towards your dream career today by enrolling in our collegiate pilot training program. Apply today or contact us today for more information.


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