Piper Archer

The Piper Archer is one of the most reliable airplanes in collegiate flight training. Students will fly the Piper Archer for single-engine portions of their flight training from Private Pilot through Flight Instructor certification. With a 180HP Lycoming engine and an advanced Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite that includes ADS-B traffic awareness, the Piper Archer is a modern and very capable airplane to prepare our students for their future in the aviation industry.


The Piper Seminole is our multi-engine airplane used to teach advanced operations and multi-engine procedures. Together, the Piper Seminole and Archer complement each other, allowing students to seamlessly transition between the two airplanes. In addition to the Garmin G1000 NXi avionics suite, the Piper Seminole has a Garmin two-axis autopilot used to prepare our students for the advanced operations in today’s aviation industry.


With Cessna’s proven reliability, the Cessna 172S is an excellent all-purpose trainer. The Cessna 172 is equipped with the Garmin G1000 and ADS-B. The Cessna 172 may be used for a portion of our primary training and is also available to conduct spin training.


UND operates multiple aviation training devices that match the appearance and operations of the Piper Archer and Seminole. The Frasca aviation training devices are used in conjunction with the airplanes to provide the students with a well-rounded flight training experience. With 210° visual screen, students can practice operations and procedures that they are not able to in the airplane such as adverse weather, in flight emergencies, and inoperable equipment while being safely on the ground.


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