Accelerated Pilot Training Program

Fast, Affordable, Proven

The UND Aerospace Accelerated Pilot Training Program is the proven track to becoming an industry leading professional. From your very first flight through your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) check ride and beyond, the UND Aerospace curriculum is tailored to prepare you for your career as a professional aviator.

Accelerated Pilot Training Program

Are you interested in becoming a professional pilot in just 12 months? The UND Aerospace Foundation Accelerated Professional Pilot Program is the proven track to becoming an industry-leading professional. From your very first flight through your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) check ride and beyond, the UND Aerospace Foundation curriculum is tailored to prepare you for your career as a professional aviator.

Our curriculum was developed in partnership with the FAA, Boeing, multiple industry-leading airlines, and world-class airline pilots. Rest assured, our program sets the standard for the aspiring professional aviator. Our graduates are the preferred hire for regional airlines, large and small corporate flight departments, firefighting, air ambulance, and many other facets of aviation.

Why UND Aerospace Foundation?

Our Accelerated Pilot Training Program is designed to meet and exceed the required standards of the modern aviation industry and offers student pilots the chance to fast-track their flight training and become certified commercial pilots and flight instructors in just 12 months!

This program not only allows our students to progress through flight training much more rapidly, but it also helps you save significant time and expense by letting you complete your required flight training in as little as 12 months. Below are some of the advantages of UND’s Accelerated Pilot Training Program:


Fast Track Your Career

An average professional pilot training course can take between two to four years. This not only requires a substantial financial commitment but also eats up valuable time. At UND Aerospace Foundation, our curriculum will take you from zero flight experience to commercial pilot certification in a fraction of that time.



The cost of becoming a professional pilot through traditional college-based aviation programs can be hefty. At UND Aerospace Foundation, we can help you save money by getting you into the cockpit and helping you master your flying skills within a shorter amount of time. 

Additionally, our Phoenix flight training center has been granted examining authority by the FAA, meaning your certificate-granting exams can be administered by our staff in-house. This means our students don’t need to enlist the services of an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), which can greatly reduce the financial and logistical burden of obtaining your license.


Work With Industry-Leading Professionals

Our FAA-certified instructors are the best in the business with years of experience in aviation and flight training. This extensive knowledge, combined with our state-of-the-art facilities, will ensure you develop all the skills needed to excel in the aviation industry in record time.

Upon enrollment in our fast track program, students are intuitively guided through a personalized flight training plan that is designed to make you a world-class aviator.

Our lessons and curriculum are structured to quickly build upon each skillset and progress you through your flight training while adhering to standard FAA part 141/61 regulations.

What To Expect

The Accelerated Pilot Training Program includes ground school, flight lessons, and all tests required for certification. Student pilots are expected to:

  • Attend five days of ground school training for at least two hours per day and five or six flight lessons per week
  • Attend all ground school classes (according to FAA regulations)
  • Pass all ground school exams by a minimum of 76% and minimum overall grade of “C”
  • Read, write, and understand English as required by FAA standards
  • Learn, understand, and apply all aviation and technology concepts needed to safely pilot a plane
  • Learn to make independent observations and assessments to maintain positive control and safely pilot an airplane.
  • Possess sufficient physical strength, flexibility, and dexterity to operate an airplane
  • Behave appropriately and safely in a high-risk learning environment
  • Be ready to work in a flight training environment for prolonged periods


Any individual who has been accepted to join the Accelerated Pilot Training Program at the UND Flight Training Center in Mesa, AZ must:

  • Have FAA Medical Certificate
  • Have a valid passport or original birth certificate
  • Apply for a Student Pilot Certificate
  • Print and fill out Ramp Badge Application
  • Print and fill out Records Paperwork
  • Obtain UND Aviation Flight Supplies
  • Create eZLMS Account

Ideally located at the Phoenix Mesa-Gateway Airport in Arizona, UND Aerospace is a nationally acclaimed leader in aerospace learning and your partner in becoming a top-tier professional pilot.

Contact us today to learn more about our accelerated pilot training or to sign up and let us help you fast-track your career as a professional pilot.


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