Part 141 Training

Part 141 Training

UND Aerospace operates under Part 141 for all our courses except for Multi-Engine Instructor. This means your training experience will include a standardized curriculum ensuring you meet all the standards of the FAA when applying for any FAA certificate. Our training syllabi are designed to provide structured lessons for every step of your training.

Here at UND Aerospace, we have been granted examining authority by the FAA, meaning your certificate granting exams can be done by our authorized stage check instructors. This not only saves you time, but also money by not having to pay for an exam by an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). Our dedicated records department is in place to ensure all FAA regulations are met throughout every step of your training.

Part 61 Training

Most small flight schools and independent flight instructors operate under FAA Part 61 to provide flight training to their clients. Part 61 training can be well-thought-out and standardized if the school chooses to create that structure, but the FAA does not approve any Part 61 syllabi. With most Part 61 schools, students have the ability to work with their instructor on various topics and flight maneuvers as they choose. This can create more flexibility for some students. For others, the lack of structure and standardization can create confusion and usually results in the students spending more money or time mastering training elements before they can take their certificate granting exams.

At UND Aerospace we only conduct one course, Multi-Engine Instructor, under Part 61 because it requires less hours than it would under Part 141; saving students money while still conducting a very standardized, proven training syllabi.


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