How to Become a Pilot

Have you always dreamed of being able to fly? UNDAF has help thousands of individuals just like you achieve that dream. Below are the steps that each aspiring pilot must take to earn a pilot certificate.

Steps to take in your aviation journey To Become A Pilot.

Find the right school
The first step in becoming a pilot is finding the right school and the right program for you. Learn and compare all available training plans offered by your prospective flight schools. Make the choice that best fits your aviation goals.

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Schedule a tour and Discovery Flight
Schedule a facilities tour and Discovery Flight to see if the prospective flight school is the right choice for you. While not a requirement, a Discovery Flight will allow you to see firsthand the school you will be attending, the aircraft, and the quality of instruction that you will receive as a student there.

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Apply for a FAA Medical Certificate
What is an FAA Medical? All pilots regardless of certificate type must meet certain Medical requirements to fly. If you chose to pursue aviation as a professional career, you will be held to a higher medical standard from the FAA. This is why we recommend a First Class medical for all students. Students will need to fill out the application at FAA MedXpress, find an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) using the AME Locator, and make an appointment.
The cost of flight training can be daunting. Make sure you are financially prepared to start your flight training to avoid any interruptions in training.

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Apply for an FAA Student Pilot Certificate
Your flight instructor or a representative from your chosen flight school will help you apply for your Student Pilot Certificate in the FAA’s Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA).
Start your Flight Training
Start training with your flight instructor. Your training will help you obtain the knowledge and the skills to become a Private Pilot.
Pass the FAA Private Pilot Aeronautical Knowledge Exam
The FAA requires you to pass their computer – based Private Pilot Knowledge Exam. This is to ensure that your knowledge is to the FAA’s standard. Most students use a commercially available test prep software and Private Pilot ground school classes to help prepare for this test. A student must have an endorsement from a flight instructor to be eligible to take this test.
Pass your Private Pilot Check ride
The last step in earning a Private Pilot certificate is to take the practical exam, or check ride as it is commonly called. This is dependent on the type of school you have chosen. Part 61 schools must use a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) or an FAA representative for the exam. A Part 141 school with examining authority, such as UNDAF, can use in-house Check Airmen to conduct the exam. The exam consists of an oral portion and a flight portion. Upon successful complete of this exam, you will be awarded a Private Pilot certificate.

first steps in any aspiring pilots’ journey.

 If your goal is to become a professional pilot, or simply wish to gain more training and experience to increase safety, then the next few steps are for you.

Earn an Instrument Rating

Earn a Commercial Certificate

Add a Multi-Engine Rating


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