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Accelerated Professional Pilot Program

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Accelerated Professional Pilot Training

The fast and effective way to become a Professional Pilot.

The Accelerated Professional Pilot Program

We are one of the fastest pathways to a professional commercial pilot career. Located in sunny Mesa, Arizona, we offer two distinctive paths to help you reach your career goals.

The first path is a 12-month non-credit program which is ideal for the professional looking to make a career change without added component of an aviation specific college degree.

The second is for the person who wishes to pursue a career as a professional pilot with UND Aerospace facilitated pilot training and 2-year Aviation degree from our partner of 25 years, Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

Both options offer the same FAA Part 141 flight training at different paces. Our 141 program pairs the quality of training of UND Aerospace, with the added benefit of in-house examining authority.

Three of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers project an increase in demand for new aircraft to help cope with the growing demand for passenger and cargo operations. This demand is causing a shortage of pilots for the carriers that operate these aircraft. Now is the best time to launch your aviation career.


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Looking for a 2-year degree?

Check out Chandler-Gilbert Community College’s partnership with the UND Aerospace Phoenix Flight Training Center.

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