Racing Transmissions

Racing transmissions work harder than any other transmission with very few exceptions. Only larger work vehicles and semi-trucks can claim a larger workload. When you need consistent power that out-shifts the competition, Gearstar offers quality parts.

Racing v stock transmissions

Consider racing versus stock transmissions is like comparing apples and oranges. While they are both fruits, the racing transmission offers superior performance that easily gets you to the finish line. A stock transmission just does not compare.

Our racing transmissions include carbon fiber and performance steel parts, high-capacity clutches, and many other upgrades. While your stock transmission handles engines with less than 400 lb-ft of torque and under 200 horsepower, the maximum capacity of a racing transmission can reach as high as 700 horsepower.

How do I upgrade my transmission?

Engine builders regularly deal with swapping and overhauling transmissions. Your car is not the same without the ability to handle the power you put into it. A lower horsepower transmission leaves your engine in the red while delivering variable power.

Specialized mechanics deal with transmissions for multiple engine types. Level two, three, and four transmissions help with everything from rally cars to muscle cars.

Automatic high-performance transmissions

Gearstar offers high performance transmissions for Mopar, Chevrolet, and GM cars. From your start car to your pride and joy, our transmissions work in a wide variety of cars.

Automatic transmissions wit three to six speeds work with vehicles start at 400 horsepower. Our manufacturer provides parts for classic cars and manuals alike.

Do racing vehicles use automatic transmissions?

The amount of horsepower and torque in a modern sports car demands an intensive solution. Manual transmissions simply cannot compete with the capability of automatic vehicles.

New sports cars are not only ditching manual transmissions because of demand. They need to allow you to shift without destroying your engine. Manual is quickly becoming a niche market.

Which transmission should I use?

The transmission you use depends on the car you build. We offer:

  • 350 turbo transmissions for classic cars
  • Racing transmission for major brands
  • Replacements for the 9L60E transmission

Gearstar provides products you need on and off the track. A level two transmission is perfect for your rally car or off-roader. Level three and four products offer superior performance for your super car.

Rebuilding my classic sports car

Stock transmissions and racing transmissions need to be replaced every 150000 to 200000 miles. Quality materials come in racing parts.

Gearstar and others offer the parts you need to keep classic cars running. We can keep your Chevelle, Caprice, Corvette, or Mustang running well into the future.

Racing transmissions in the United States

Racing transmissions must be superior to regular transmissions. They handle heavy workloads and high horsepower. The strain of competition is a major concern for sports car owners, drag racers, rally enthusiasts, and others.

Gearstar get you across the finish line with peace of mind. Our warranties are among the best in the industry. Every transmission comes with a thorough inspection. Get in touch with us today at (330) 434-5216.

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