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Piling wraps in St Pete keep your dock in shape. Wood rots, metal rusts, and wraps keep your slip from turning against you. PJs Divers and Docks offers customizable pilings in addition to cleaning, snap jackets, and more in Saint Petersburg.

What are the concerns for my dock?

Docks are not forever. Whether you are marina or own your own waterfront property, protecting your assets is a chief concern. Rotting docks are not just unsightly but a hazard that impacts the value of your property.

The average dock can add up to $20000 to your home. In some areas, your dock may be worth more than your home. Still, this asset does little when it needs to be reworked. A dock that is out of shape can even harm your home value.

How does the weather impact my dock?

Weather is a concern. In Florida, your dock is battered by hurricanes, waves, wind, rain, and even the occasional tornado. The weather can rot or rust docks even if they are regularly treated.

Over time, your asset needs to be maintained to avoid falling into the sea. Nothing can prevent weather and regular wear and tear.

Boat Impact on Dock Pilings

The weather is not all you have to worry about. Boats constantly bump against your pilons.

The bump and grind of your boat creates sheer and compressive stress. This can cause your dock to break apart over time if you do not take care to prevent damage.

Mussels and Other Invasive Species

In addition to the visible, there are invasive species lurking under the water. Mussels and other invasive species increase the wear on your dock.

These species eat away at your materials with the same effects as boats and water. They are as damaging to your dock as your boat.

Protecting my Dock

While you cannot tame the weather, you can slow wear and tear with wraps for dock pilings in Saint Petersburg. These wraps take the beating otherwise reserved for your pilons. From invasive species to weathering, rubber or nylon wraps are a great way to protect your dock.

Wrap your dock, inspect, and reapply as needed every year to avoid a catastrophe. You can even use snap jackets if your dock is already rotting.

Installing Dock Piling Wraps

Installation and dock piling repair, as you might already have guessed, is worth the cost but not easy. Unless you live in an area where low tide exposes the sea floor, you need a team of experienced divers to install this product.

Every part of the dock exposed to water needs to be covered. This can mean diving feet under the surface.

Piling Wraps St Pete

Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city whose docks add value to businesses and homes alike. Protecting those assets is the job of dock piling wraps. Hire the right team of divers using the best products from piling wrap manufacturers to achieve the best possible result.

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